Conlang Stuff

Added a site icon

It’s something small—literally quite small—, but I did it. It took a lot of trial and error—perhaps more than it should’ve taken. All I used was Excel and

It’s a bit squishy-squashed, but that’s the Greyfolk word «pe», which is the first-person singular pronoun, translated into English as “I” or “me”, depending on the context.

Furthermore, it almost ended up being «pom», which is a verb that can be translated into English as “to love”.

Honestly, I’d prefer to «pom» to «pe», but I think «pe» looks a lot better as a 16×16 icon. But I might change my mind.

Removing wiki, adding projects

So, it turns out that using Mediawiki to create a personal wiki is really hard. Instead of continuing to fight against it, I have created a space for wiki-like pages directly on the WordPress part of my site under Projects in my site navigation. The first one—Greyfolk language—is up! Now, it’s definitely not complete, but it’s a great start toward what I want to be doing with this site.

I wish I had a Greyfolk way to say hello

Alas, I don’t.

Anyway, here’s my first post on what I am lazily calling the Greyson’s Conlang Blog. It’s good enough for now! To my friends, family, and old professors, if you want to prove that you’ve really checked out my new site, message/email/whatever me with the following secret phrase: “Wait, that’s the best you could do for a website? Yikes.”

More to come soon. I hope.